Corporate Responsibility – Whistleblowing and Grievances

Forset Group is built on the principles of corporate responsibility, transparency and sustainable development. We believe that conduct towards our clients, stakeholders, and local communities reflects who we are and what we believe in. Our corporation policies grounded on international laws and agreements on human rights, criminal laws and corporation responsibility. International security industrys codes of practice and standards are our guiding principles and we will commit to following acts:

Forset Group will investigate all allegations promptly, impartially and with due consideration to confidentiality.

Forset Group will keep records about any such allegations, findings or disciplinary measures. Except where prohibited or protected by applicable law, such records should be made available to a Competent Authority on request.

Forset Group will cooperate with official investigations, and not participate in or tolerate from their Personnel, the impeding of witnesses, testimony or investigations. We are committed to take appropriate disciplinary action, which could include termination of employment in case of a finding of such violations or unlawful behavior.

Forset Group will ensure personnel who report wrongdoings in good faith are provided protection against any retaliation for making such reports, such as shielding them from unwarranted or otherwise inappropriate disciplinary measures, and that matters raised are examined and acted upon without undue delay.

Complaints of our conduct can be sent to or by applying the form underneath. We will assesses and investigate all complaints according to highest ethics and with confidence.

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